The effects of driving while intoxicated are much more significant in the driver’s lives.

In the last few years the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has installed regulations to permanently revoke the license of any drivers who commit three or more driving related alcohol or drug offenses within a twenty five year period. That can cause people to permanently revoked license and they will no longer be able to drive in New York. For many people this many have a devastating effect on their ability to live and work in the Hudson Valley.

In addition, the crime of a felony of driving while intoxicated is now being charged when there is someone in the car less than seventeen years old.  Local prosecutors are pushing more felony convictions even on second offenses and Judges are routinely sending people charged with this crime to jail up to six months along with long term probation.  This can also have a devastating effect on people’s lives.

You need an attorney who is skilled in the area of driving while intoxicated to defend your case and makes sure that you get the best result possible.


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